The dollar literati 

A common theme in many billionaires’ writings — Charlie Munger, Howard Marks, Buffett’s Guru Ben Graham — is an appeal to philosophers. Doesn’t matter what life purpose — to save the world, or to make money and underpay taxes, or both — you first need to understand yourself. Philosophers are naturally the first source. Then you can move to Shakespeare and psychologists (see, e.g., Munger’s article on behavioral biases). Ben Graham’s appeal to Spinoza’s Ethics, while completely contrary to Spinoza’s purpose, is most apt. Spinoza nails exactly why investing is difficult. 

In his recent letter to shareholders, Munger says he wants a CEO who reads a lot. Where did he get that idea? Maybe here? He and Buffett both read constantly. Bill Gates reads more than me; and I have far fewer responsibilities. 


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