Delusions of grandeur

Can you make an instant list of people you worship unabashedly? If not, you’re delusional.

My instant list:

1. Michael Jackson. Total genius who changed the Super Bowl.

2. Terry Tao. What an expositor! Read his fall 2015 probability notes if you don’t believe me.

3. Schopenhauer. Fourfold root of reason. Genius. World as will and representation. Even more genius. Contains the most profound theory of race and sexuality with an incredible appendix on LGBT. The  theory of equality of races and cultures is in the main text. A disaster of a book on gender issues, however.

4 Bill Gates. How can he read so much? And run his foundation and myriad of startups (myriad of! Remember that scene in Heathers? Genius movie.)

5. Charlie Munger. His almanac and his article on psychological biases are genius. After many many tries, I finally understood what his lollapalooza effect is all about. It’s everywhere. Look up. If you don’t see it in the first thing you see, you don’t get Carlie Munger and his genius.

6. Wanda Landowska. LGBT Bach genius. No one comes close. Not Gould. Not Fellner. Not Guida.

I can go on and on.


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